Alfresco Honeycomb Edition

Details of our distribution

- Standalone build with repo, share, mysql and solr on one server. Remote mysql supported now, remote solr and pentaho next version

- Choose from version 4.2.f, latest 5.0.x or NIGHTLY

- Installation supported on Ubuntu and CentOS.

- Puppet based install, so makes idempotent changes and if interrupted can pick up where it left off Simple bash based configuration

- Built in BART backup - run ./ after install to configure.

- Reverse proxy and firewall preconfigured, offloading SSL to apache and forwarding real ports (for ftp, for example) to unprivileged ones managed by repo

- Can specify tomcat home and alfresco base, useful for putting alf_data/ on shared storage

- Built in postfix mail server set up to deliver alfresco mails to the internet

- Supports using your own SSL certificates and if not supplied will generate a self signed certificate

- Custom Order of the Bee theme

Included addons