Who are we?

We are an organization of Alfresco community members working to grow the Alfresco ecosystem independent of Alfresco Software, Inc.

We are all different: some of us are employees at Alfresco Software, its customers, and partners. Some of us work with Alfresco Community Edition, others with Alfresco Enterprise Edition, or both. Other members use Alfresco as end users, implement it for the customers, and develop free and paid add-ons. But we have something in common: we like Alfresco and its community, we think that Alfresco Community Edition and open source solutions based on it are very important for us and for the whole market.


Order of the Bee is an open source organization governed by by-laws as a meritocracy. We are organized as a collection of individuals serving on committees all working toward a common goal coordinated by an elected Board. Authority is distributed to community members as they show their abilities through contributions to the project.

Our mission is to guarantee the existence of Alfresco Community Edition as a free/libre open source solution for document management.

We commit ourselves
to introduce Alfresco community interests to Alfresco Software, Inc.
to promote Alfresco among the technical community
to help community and especially developers to work with Alfresco technologies
We reject
providing any paid services as an Order, but our members can do it as their primary job in other companies.

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History of the founding of the Order

We were worried that the current management of Alfresco didn't see the value of Alfresco being open source, but for us, that's a core driver for this great community. We also think that Alfresco wouldn't be what it is without its community. And by community, we don't just mean users of Alfresco Community Edition, but also people using Alfresco Enterprise, Alfresco partners, and Alfresco employees willing to collaborate with each other to create better software, and a better community.

The creation of the Order of the Bee was inspired by Jeff Potts's Community Keynote at Alfresco Summit 2013 where he shared James Dixon's "Bee Keeper Model for Open Source". Jeff was employed by Alfresco Software at the time, and he described his role as a bee-keeper where the bees are the community members producing honey. In this analogy, Alfresco Software is like a commercial apiary where bee keepers work together with the bees to produce honey and take that product to market. The bee keeper needs to invest in the happiness of the bees or they will leave, so both the bee keeper and the bees benefit from their collaboration. In contrast, a proprietary software company is similar to a company producing maple syrup which takes sap from the trees without giving anything back. Hence, the Order of the Bee aims to collaborate with the bee keepers at Alfresco Software, pollinating Alfresco's flowers and producing great honey that everyone can use.

Our activites


The organization is divided into committees that further our mission and, hopefully, make our work more productive.

ADDONS - Add-Ons

Determine the criteria for how Order-endorsed add-ons will be selected. Work with the Distribution committee to determine which ones will be part of the standard distribution. Engage developers to encourage them to maintain their add-ons, follow best practices, etc.

MKT - Marketing

Collect customer stories, publish these stories on the web site and in other channels. Proactively seek out individuals and companies who meet the criteria of Professional Services Network and get them added to the list. Try to get speaking slots at conferences. Find people to donate marketing schwag. This committee should also be responsible for the social accounts.

GOV - Governance

Draft a charter and some simple by-laws. Figure out voting, member levels, vouching (business requirements), board election procedures, etc.

DISTRO - Distribution

Work on how the Order-specific distribution will work. Establish standards, source code control, QA. Set milestones. Do the work.

INFRA - Infrastructure

Define an architecture, select tools, maintain the site. Implement business requirements given to you by the other sub-committees. Live Showcase idea. DNS and Mailing List administration.


We are grateful to our first sponsors for their support and help with servers!

The Order does not accept monetary contributions at this time, but we welcome sponsorships and donations of goods and services.

Now we search sponsors for:

  • T-shirts, beer mugs and other stuff with our logo to present them to our followers on meetups and conferences.
  • Dedicated servers for hosting demo servers and Maven repositories.
  • Beer on our Bee Parties.

Our activites



Key contributors

These members have proven themselves by contributing not only to the Alfresco community, but to the Order, specifically. Join a committee and start contributing now to be in this list.

- this icon means that a member who has right to vote and to become a Board member.

- this icon means that a member is an employee of Alfresco Inc.


Join us

Join the Order

We welcome all community members contributing to the Alfresco community. There are a lot of ways to contribute and here are just a few of them:

  • Publishing tutorials and posts about using, configuring and developing on Alfresco
  • Hosting and organizing Alfresco Meetups
  • Helping people on Forums, in IRC, StackOverflow and other resources
  • Developing free open-source add-ons
  • Translating Alfresco and add-ons to your native language
  • And many other ways when you share with others something helpful with no charge.

The only requirement and the only way to join the Order is to contribute to the community. Please, tell us about yourself and about your contributions so we may know a little about you. Links and details are welcome.