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Latest Headlines in Books


Adam Mansbach takes on the tiki torch-bearing faction of white supremacists in ‘The Golem of Brooklyn’

In a revenge fantasy for an age of renewed hatred, a Jewish legend takes on a tiki-torch bearing faction of white supremacists


In his new memoir, Werner Herzog documents the rich inventions of a mind that gave life to New German cinema

The legendary director reveals strange connections between life and art


Matthew Desmond finds that Dickens cuts closer to the truth of how poverty really works than nonfiction

For the author of “Poverty, By America,” economics has a human face


Hummingbird Books ships challenged titles to readers in South Carolina

The Chestnut Hill bookstore joins with Beaufort County organizations to combat literary censorship.

Novelist Rhonda DeChambeau persisted for many years. Finally, recognition.

For the Boston Public Library’s most recent writer-in-residence, perseverance leads to a two-book deal.


Olga Ravn, in ‘My Work,’ turns a jaundiced eye on the experience of giving birth

When motherhood splinters the self, the work of Ravn’s narrator involves gathering up the pieces.


Providence’s beloved Riffraff bookstore and bar have new owners that plan on keeping it just the same

Just three months after it hit the market for $250,000, the ever-popular RiffRaff Bookstore and Bar in Providence’s West End neighborhood has been purchased by Ottavia De Luca and Lucas Mann.


Marty Baron, author of the new book ‘Collision of Power,’ tells the stories behind the stories

The esteemed newspaper editor who led the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, and The Washington Post through fraught times shows us how a tumultuous era of news got made