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Five things to know as Israel declares war on Hamas

Israel has declared war, bombarding the Gaza strip with airstrikes in retaliation for a major surprise attack by the militant group Hamas.

Israel declares war against Hamas as casualty figures rise

Israeli soldiers battled Hamas fighters on Sunday and launched retaliation strikes that leveled buildings in Gaza, while the nation officially declared war. Hundreds were reported dead, with more missing and wounded.

Hamas attack at music festival led to chaos and frantic attempts to escape or hide

Hamas militants attacked a large music festival in the desert near the Gaza-Israel border, killing at least 260 people and causing chaotic escape efforts as revelers tried to run or hide from gunfire.

Gaza reels from Israeli airstrikes and braces for all-out war

The Israeli military says it has hit more than 500 sites across Gaza over the past two days. More than 400 people have been killed, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, including 78 children.

A shaken Israel is forced back to its eternal dilemma

The most sweeping invasion of Israeli territory in decades, conducted by a Hamas force that had been widely seen as a ragtag collection of militants, has delivered a psychological shock to Israel so great that its very foundations are being questioned: its army, its intelligence services, its government, and its capacity to control the millions of Palestinians in its midst.

After Hamas attack, US to send weapons and warships to support Israel

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he had ordered the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford and five guided-missile cruisers and destroyers, which are in the Mediterranean Sea, to the eastern part of the sea, near Israel. Officials said the ships were en route but would take a few days to arrive.

Entire villages razed as death toll soars from quakes in Afghanistan

The death toll from two major earthquakes in northwestern Afghanistan rose to at least 813 people Sunday, according to local authorities, making the dual shocks one of the deadliest natural disasters to hit the country in decades.

‘Without water, there is no life’: Drought in Brazil’s Amazon is sharpening fears for the future.

Communities dependent on the Amazon rainforest’s waterways are stranded without supply of fuel, food, or filtered water. Dozens of river dolphins perished and washed up on shore. And thousands of lifeless fish float on the water’s surface.