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More Rhode Island Business Headlines


RISD joins effort started by King Charles to put climate, people at center of business

The Rhode Island School of Design has joined the Terra Carta Design Lab, which provides a practical roadmap toward a more sustainable future for people and the planet.


Buddy Cianci meets artificial intelligence

Legendary investigative reporter Mike Stanton learned that his book on Cianci, "The Prince of Providence," is being used without permission to train generative-AI systems.


K-zao, a queer tailoring studio in Providence, designs bespoke suits for diverse clientele

The shop is a “gateway” for cultivating positive relationships between customers and their clothes.


Treasurer re-evaluating R.I.’s relationship with Washington Trust bank after redlining allegations

General Treasurer Diossa notes the state has $190 million deposited with Washington Trust and vows to press the bank to go beyond the terms of its settlement with the US Attorney’s Office.


Block Island officials confirm R.I. attorney general investigating Harborside Inn fire

The owner of the company that had inspected the kitchen’s fire suppression system has been stripped of his journeyman license after the state fire marshal determined that the fire began inside the hotel’s restaurant, “in or near the kitchen hood and exhaust fans.”


Washington Trust agrees to pay $9m to resolve alleged redlining in Rhode Island

An investigation by federal prosecutors found that the Westerly-based company has never located a single branch in any majority Black or Hispanic neighborhood.


Block Island Ferry resumes after four-day suspension due to rough seas

Ferry service to Block Island resumed Wednesday after a four-day suspension due to hazardous sea conditions. The High-Speed Ferry has been canceled for a fifth day.


Next competitor for R.I. hospital CEOs? Amazon, CVS, Uber Eats, and other tech.

Companies that specialize in artificial intelligence and digital tech are Lifespan’s biggest competitors to tackle, according to CEO John Fernandez.