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Boston goes begging on Beacon Hill for more liquor licenses

Key economic generator held captive to an ancient system with a sad history.


Anti-migrant fringe group NSC-131 not so fringe

The New England-based neo-Nazi group is apparently trying to recruit new members on the South Shore.


As GOP support for Ukraine frays, Democrats should remain firm

The ouster of Kevin McCarthy as House speaker shows that there is growing opposition among Republicans to backing Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

Ron Currie

Will Donald Trump go the way of Paul LePage?

Given the stakes, it’s understandable that a lot of us are worried Donald Trump might somehow be elected president again. But I’m not worried.


Banned Books Week: ‘Flamer’ by Mike Curato

In honor of Banned Books Week, Globe Opinion is publishing excerpts from some of the hundreds of titles banned in US classrooms and libraries this year.


GOP presidential campaign in New Hampshire shows signs of life

Nikki Haley has overtaken Ron DeSantis in the race for second place in the Republican presidential nomination.


Democrats won’t miss Kevin McCarthy. Probably.

The California Republican was no friend to the minority party in Congress. But his replacement could be worse. If Democrats gain any influence over the selection process, they should use it to steer the House away from extremism.

Nick Fuller Googins

Biden’s American Climate Corps is weak and won’t save us

In tackling the climate crisis, Biden must lead like FDR.