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More Life Sciences Headlines

Harbinger Health raises $140 million for blood test to screen for cancers

Harbinger wants to market a blood-based test that can detect multiple types of cancer, including tumors of the lung and pancreas, that are often detected too late for patients to survive.

Pfizer chief, visiting Boston, sees ‘scientific renaissance’ over coming decade

Albert Bourla said artificial intelligence has the potential to accelerate everything from scanning for drug targets to enrolling patients in clinical trials.

FDA advisory panel rejects drug-device combination to treat Type 2 diabetes

The vote essentially upheld the Food and Drug Administration’s earlier rulings, with some members calling for new clinical studies to address the safety and dosing concerns.

Thermo Fisher just opened a $180 million plant. Executives already are talking about expanding.

The two-story building in Plainville underscores the company’s commitment to the growing field of gene therapy, which has given hope to people with deadly inherited diseases.

Demand for life sciences lab space has slowed in Boston area and nationally, report says

Real estate giant JLL depicted an overbuilt market that is forcing building owners, who only recently commanded top dollar for premium lab space, to reduce rents and scramble for tenants.

Shares of biotech Neumora retreat after raising $250 million in IPO

Neumora's stock began trading early Friday afternoon with the ticker NMRA, and quickly fell 7.3 percent on a day of broad market declines.

Saudi fund sets up in Boston to plow $1 billion a year into research and drugs to extend life

The source of funding may present a dilemma for some scientists and entrepreneurs because of the kingdom’s record on human rights.

Vertex scientists share $3 million prize for developing the company’s cystic fibrosis drugs

Their work has dramatically extended the life expectancy of CF patients.