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More New Hampshire Commentary Headlines


Readers respond on climate change: We need action now

Yet some still insist it’s all a scam.

David Daley

Ranked choice voting deserves a place in presidential primaries

The current plurality system punishes voters and rewards candidates who have a fervent base and splintered opposition.


Why Vivek Ramaswamy is catching on in New Hampshire and beyond

Can he move away from Trump’s politics of retribution without moving away from Trump voters?


America needs more politicians like John Gilbert Winant

The three-term Republican governor of NH, FDR appointee, and ambassador to the UK put country ahead of party and was the soul of integrity. Let’s hope his kind hasn’t been consigned to history.


Ayotte isn’t wrong about New Hampshire and Massachusetts

There really are deep-rooted differences between the two states.


As capital punishment fades, progressives take aim at a new target

The long campaign to end executions will be replaced by a campaign to end life sentences without parole.

COMMENTARY | Carolyn Dever and Olivia Gentile

Help Wanted in N.H.: Journalism without sexism

A local columnist lauded Dartmouth’s 19th president for his accomplishments, but when writing about the school’s first female president he focused on housework — and accused her of shirking it, another journalist and the school’s former provost note.


One R.I. man’s battle with Stage 4 colon cancer: ‘You’re going to die no matter what. So fight this thing and beat it.’

Five years ago, Ward Thrasher was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Clinical trials and advanced care accessible to him in Rhode Island have kept him alive and his quality of life high.