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More New Hampshire Health Headlines

First human case of Jamestown Canyon virus found in New Hampshire this year, officials say

New Hampshire public health officials also said they have discovered two cases of Powassan Virus, both of which are spread by bites from insects.


Meet the young woman raising awareness about concussions in N.H.

“I just wanted to start more conversations surrounding brain injuries and how that can truly happen to anybody, anytime, no matter their age, or the things that they’re involved with,” Brooke Mills said.


Why N.H. could lose $52m in opioid settlement money

Recent bankruptcy proceedings could derrail two of New Hampshire’s settlement agreements worth $52 million, Deputy Attorney General James Boffetti told the Opioid Abatement Trust Fund & Advisory Commission Monday

In N.H., heat is harder when schools lack air conditioning

“We want the kids in school, and they did miss so much over the past few years, but we have to be concerned about the safety factor,” said Kathleen Murphy, superintendent of the Concord School District.


Record rain and mosquitoes ‘a window into the new normal’

More rain means better habitat and conditions for the insects looking for blood meals.

How clean needles help combat N.H.’s opioid crisis

Harm reduction has been gaining traction in recent years, and now there are 10 registered syringe service programs in the state.


Manchester needs a unified plan to functionally end homelessness

A mayoral candidate who is an alderman in Ward 2 says homelessness in Manchester is a humanitarian crisis — and should be treated as such.


Advocates rally against ordinance allowing police to sweep homeless encampments in Manchester

The alderman who proposed the ordinance wants police to be able to hand out citations for public camping even if no shelter beds are available.