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More New Hampshire Political Headlines

Trump’s lead holds in poll and Haley overtakes DeSantis for second place among N.H. voters

Donald Trump holds a 30 percentage-point lead over the pool of Republican rivals churning below him in New Hampshire, according to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe/USA TODAY poll.


Why Maria Perez was the latest N.H. lawmaker to leave the Democratic party

Being an independent, the state representative said, she’ll have the opportunity to work with either Democrats or Republicans. But her progressive ideals, she insisted, remain unchanged.

At 15, he’s made Ron DeSantis squirm, drawn national attention, and started a presidential podcast. Meet Quinn Mitchell.

An exchange with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in June circulated widely online and elevated Quinn Mitchell, already a familiar face on the Granite State campaign trail for the past four years, to a national platform.

Democrats in N.H. look to revive education bill based on illegal vote by GOP member

The lawmaker who kept his seat even though he moved to another district ‘directly caused’ the demise of a proposal sponsored by the Democrats, says the minority leader.

Pregnant patients can be reported for neglect solely for taking addiction medication. A new federal bill would change that.

New federal legislation would shield pregnant or postpartum mothers from child abuse and neglect investigation solely for taking prescribed medication to treat substance use disorder.


Chris Christie wants Trump ‘off the island.’ But GOP voters in N.H. say Christie should drop out of the race.

The former New Jersey governor topped the list for who Republican debate-watchers in the Granite State think should exit soon, according to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe/USA TODAY poll.

How the right’s elevation of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could now backfire

The American right’s efforts to elevate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were as transparent as they were cynical. The idea, as advanced by Stephen K. Bannon and the like, was clearly to try to embarrass President Biden in the Democratic primary. So they used Kennedy’s inflated early poll standing as an excuse to treat the primary challenge from a fringe figure as something real and threatening.

N.H. Democrats look ahead to 2024 with pro-Biden pep rally

Speaker after speaker pledged support to aid Biden’s reelection, even if that means casting a write-in ballot during the primary in January, when the incumbent could keep his distance to avoid competing in a rogue contest.