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More New Hampshire Business Headlines


Vida Cantina’s David Vargas talks about the New England BIPOC Fest, bringing real Mexican food to N.H., and gas station pizza

The James Beard-nominated chef puts an emphasis on sourcing his food locally and says, "All you really have to do is take a couple of bites of a taco, and you’re really helping support your community, full circle."


Project Upcycle runway: Serving runway looks, sustainably

New Hampshire designers will compete to create creative, sustainable style. The theme of this year’s competition is “New England streetwear.”


Staffing shortage at N.H. men’s prison worsens with National Guard gone

The problem has long raised safety concerns among some corrections officers, who now say the problem has reached a critical point.


Rare Wyeth painting bought for $4 at N.H. thrift store sells for $150,000 at auction

The auction house said the N.C. Wyeth work had been procured at “an antique shop” in Manchester. By that, they meant the local Savers secondhand store.


Incandescent lightbulbs were being banned. A N.H. man spent $1,700 to hoard thousands of them.

“It’s the gold standard at producing a sunlight-quality color, whereas LEDs . . . often they’re casting out more of a bluish-green light, which is just terrible,” said Kevin Szmyd, 25, of Portsmouth, N.H.

Home insurance companies have pulled out of high climate-risk states. Could that happen in New England?

In the last year, multiple homeowners insurance companies stopped writing policies in states facing high risks of extreme weather events fueled by climate change. A dramatic exodus is unlikely in New England, but risks are rising.

State Street to bring employees back to the office four days a week

Managers will be expected to adopt the new cadence in October, with all other employees to follow in November.


Extreme weather forces New England farmers to be more collaborative than ever

Our farm has bountiful tomatoes and squash but an iffy corn crop. Next door the story might be the opposite.