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Forecast | Dave Epstein

Warm air returns, along with clear skies now that Canadian wildfire smoke has moved out

Deep blue sky was evident Monday across much of New England.Dave Epstein

Deep blue sky, a hallmark of autumnal air, was evident across much of New England Monday as the smoke of the past weekend had moved out to sea. The Canadian wildfires have occasionally created enough smoke to blot out the sun over the past several months, including on Sunday.

Above average temperatures are going to continue the rest of the week until we get to later this weekend when colder air from Canada pushes south into the region.

A quick look at forecast temperatures across the country has much of the eastern two-thirds looking more like summer than October. I don’t think we’re going to see record high temperatures the next couple of days, but we will be warm.


Temperatures in the 90s were forecast across much of the middle of the country for Monday.NOAA

Reviewing past Oct. 3rds, we can see the record high is 85 degrees in Boston, with many days that have reached 80 since 1872. Tuesday’s warmth will be at the upper end of the scale, and there’s likely not many, if any, 80 degree days left on the horizon. Tomorrow some areas could get close to or even touch 80 degrees, but tomorrow is by my estimate the warmest day we will experience until spring.

A list of the warmest October 3rd’s on record with over a dozen days at or above 80 degrees since 1872.NOAA

We’ve had a lot of weekends since the summer began where it has rained at least one day, and the upcoming weekend, like the one just passed, is no exception. Monday is a holiday for many, and this weekend is also big one for fall activities. Unfortunately a cold front will approach on Saturday, along with low pressure. This will bring an area of rain to the region. The steadiest looks to occur during the day on Saturday before things clear somewhat on Sunday. There might be a lingering shower on that day and it does look possibly blustery and cooler.

An area of showers will cross New England Saturday with cooler temperatures.Tropical Tidbits

Columbus Day should feature a blend of clouds and sunshine with cooler than average conditions. It will be good for apple picking and other fall activities.


As you search out the best places for foliage you will likely note lots of trees with leaves simply drying up and falling to the ground, sans color. This is likely a result of all the rain over the past several months which has promoted leaf diseases. The good news: These types of issues generally are not a problem for mature, healthy trees, and we get another chance next year for better color.

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