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Warm temperatures, sunny skies precede another wet weekend

A fall day in Boston saw warm weather and blue skies above pedestrians on A Street.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Wednesday brought about another warm and sunny start to the region. This should mark the second October day in a row that many places have reached 80 degrees.

Obviously at some point there’s a final 80-degree day of each year and this year it is likely to be today. We have seen 80-degree weather even into early November but, as a rule, the final day tends to come toward the end of September or into the first week or so of October, with an average of Sept. 30.

Over the past couple of decades, the final 80-degree day for Boston has been in October.NOAA

Along with the warm weather is a touch of humidity, which is one of the reasons why temperatures have not fallen very much at night and also why there is so much dew on the grass and your car in the morning.


This will continue into Friday, and tomorrow some ground fog may take a little while to burn off, but once it does, we will enjoy another sunny day with temperatures above average, generally in the 70s.

The last dry Saturday was on Labor Day Weekend and that wet streak is not going to be broken this weekend either. Tropical Storm Philippe arrived in the Caribbean this morning and will move northward over the next couple of days, likely making landfall sometime Saturday across Maine or Eastern Canada.

Tropical Storm Philippe will make landfall in eastern Canada over the weekend.NOAA

On this track, the axis of heavy rain from that system is likely to stay out over the ocean before perhaps moving into Maine. However the situation is a little more complicated because there is also a cold front approaching from the west. That front has its own showers and those are not going to miss us.

As a matter of fact, there’s the possibility of some interaction between the tropical system and the cold front to enhance the rainfall. As this occurs some heavy downpours are a possibility in what was already going to be a wet day.


If you watch the loop below closely you can see the two areas of rain, the one from the west and the one from Philippe, merge over Northern New England.

Two areas of rain are likely to impact much of New England Saturday into early Sunday.Tropical Tidbits

It will be breezy as these weather systems move across New England but I don’t expect winds to be too significant.

As the system moves into Quebec, the return flow around it will produce gusty northwesterly winds on Sunday along with clearing skies. If there is a shower in the morning, sunshine should return for the afternoon along with much cooler temperatures.

Readings will stay in the 50s for Monday and it will truly feel autumnal.

Humid air Saturday morning will be replaced by drier air Sunday.Tropical Tidbits